Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Graysonisms and maybe the first Griffinism of many to come!

Graysonisms first.....

1. In our Thursday night worship service at church, we were reading verses on the screen. Basically, I was trying to whisper a kid friendly version into Grayson's ear while it was being read. While explaining the Last Supper to Grayson, I said something about Jesus holding up a cup of juice. He quickly stopped me and informed me it was wine.

2. Right before we partook in the Lord's Supper, Grayson whispered to me, "Mom, do you think I would like that bread and wine over there? I'm getting kind of hungry."

3. Last Thursday, Grayson had an Easter egg hunt at his preschool. It was pretty windy, so I got him a light jacket from his closet and encouraged him to wear it during the egg hunt. His teacher, not recognizing the jacket, complimented him by saying she loved it. His response was, "It's a special jacket. It breaks wind." Yes, I had told him it was a windbreaker. LOL!

4. This morning before school Grayson asked me how God was born. I don't think he ever quite understood.....not sure I understand it all either!

And now for a Griffinism.....believe me, this is a funny kid, so I can't wait what these will be!

1. Griffin thinks every body of water is a water bottle. So, every time we pass one, his response very loudly is, "WALLA BALLA!"

2. Today I had put Griffin in his crib when we got home from school to see if he would rest some more. He didn't fall asleep, however, he was happy. I decided to leave him and turned up the monitor to listen to what he was doing. It was so sweet! He was counting to ten over and over and then he would go, "Yay Giffin!" (That's how he says his name!) So precious!

I know some of you might not think all of this is as great as I do, but I need to record it somehow so I will never forget these funny, precious moments with my boys!


Erica said...

LOVE THOSE BOYS!!! They are so precious! I love reading these... keep them coming! See you soon!

Marksberry Family said...

I always love these stories!