Monday, April 13, 2009

What's up with this?

Check out Griffin's crawl!!!!  Griffin has been crawling for a while now, but his crawl is non-traditional.  It started as a one leg up, kind of walking on one foot, and then turned into a scoot-crawl, and now it's a one-handed crawl!  It is rather humorous!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter baskets!!!

Seeing the Easter baskets......

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter everyone!   It's been a quiet Easter around the Wright house this year.  However, that didn't stop us from having fun!  We dyed Easter eggs last night, and woke up to some pretty awesome surprises in our Easter baskets.  I have a video to post of the boys getting their Easter baskets, but here are a few pics first!  

Since dying Easter eggs was so messy, a bath was much needed!

Here is a pic of "the loot"

Grayson's Easter basket

Griffin's Easter basket...not shown- Griffin got his FIRST tooth!!!!!  :-)

My sweet almost 4 year old

My boys (Griffin was obsessed about his shoes.)

Sweet little Griffin

On the way to church

Our brief attempt at a family picture after church

Monday, April 6, 2009

Grayson Talk

This past Saturday, we went to the zoo.  Grayson was very excited.  We have a great time whenever we go.  On this particular Saturday, Grayson could not decide which zoo animal was his absolute favorite (we always talk about it when we leave).   We got very up close views of the elephants, the tigers, the lions, the penguins, etc.  These were all very cool, but were these Grayson's favorite?  NOPE.....his favorite were the "mimchimzees"  (chimpanzees)!!!!!

Tonight as we were about to eat dinner, Dave was saying the prayer.  Somewhere in the prayer, Dave said, "Bless this food to our bodies..." 
After he finished, we began to eat our food.  About two minutes into the meal, Grayson looks at me and says, "Mmmmm, Mommy, this sure is blessin' my body!"

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ear Tubes

This morning at 4am, we woke up and got ready to be at the hospital at 5:30 for Griffin to have ear tube surgery.  I just thought I would show some pics of his visit.  Most people probably thought I was crazy taking pictures, but it was picture worthy!  He did great!  The actual surgery lasted around 10 minutes, but we had to be there for the prep, surgery, and recovery.  

To be honest, I was surprisingly calm about my own child.  God was very gracious to allow Griffin to fall asleep before he went back, which made the "giving up" part easier.  The hardest part was to be in a waiting room full of people who had much worse situations than ours.  Several children, probably ranging from ages 10-12, very conscious of the fact that they were about to have surgery, were in the waiting area with us.  I don't know the situations, but the anxiety in the room was THICK!!!  It broke my heart for these kids, and at the same time, made me thankful for having 2 healthy boys.   Below are some pictures of Griffin pre-surgery.  I would have taken some after, but believe me, he wasn't having ANY of it!  :-)

Bright and early, ready for surgery....

Just got just waiting

Mommy getting some love 

Let's get this over with already!

Griffin's medical me crazy, I took these too!  

Slowly falling asleep in the waiting area