Sunday, July 19, 2009


As mentioned in the previous post, Griffin's birthday party was on Saturday, July 11th.  We started the day off with swimming  (I'll spare you those pictures :-).  Then, we went back to the house for some grilled hot dogs, cake, and presents.   You will be able to tell from the pictures, but I think he had a pretty good time, especially with the cake. He was VERY tired after it was over and even survived a nap with 4 cousins and  1 brother playing loudly in the next room!  Anyway, below are some pics of the day, courtesy of my sister in law, Becky.  :-)  Enjoy!

Below is his "smash" cake and cupcakes for everyone else

Eating a hot dog before cake time

Blowing out the candle of his cake (with a little help from Mommy)

Hmmm....what's this?

AND....why are you putting it in my mouth?

Tastes pretty good!!!!

No, really it does.....

So good, in fact, that I'm gonna do this....forget the hands!

Now, wasn't that funny?

Now, I'm worn out, but I guess I can stay up for a few more presents!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Griffin is 1!

Today, my sweet little Griffin turned 1.  He is such a joy to our lives!  We are so blessed to have 2 wonderful little guys with great personalities.  I can't believe that it has already been a year.  I'm looking forward to year #2 and many more!  

This past weekend, we had a huge family birthday party for Griffin.  Both of our families came from Alabama to be there.  I will post pics later of the day!  Also, we go to the doc next Friday for the glorious check up.  I'll post stats later too!


Today, Grayson was playing in my room as I was getting ready.  He was laying on my bed watching me brush my hair, and the conversation went like this:

Grayson:  "Mom, what does your shampoo smell like?"
Me:  " I don't really know."
Grayson:  " Does it smell like strawberries?"
Me:  "I don't think so."
Grayson:  "Well, maybe not strawberries, but maybe flowers."
Me:  "Yeah, probably."
Grayson:  "Mom, what does Dad's shampoo smell like?"
Me:  "I don't really know."
Grayson:  "Maybe it smells like broccoli."
Me:  (Laughing) "I hope not."
Grayson:  "Mom, I think it smells like Jesus."

Later on, Grayson and I were watching "America's Got Talent" on television, and he really got into this one girl that sang.  Then he said, "Mom, her singing really impressed my heart."

So sweet!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!