Saturday, May 1, 2010

Griffinism at nap

Yesterday as I laid Griffin down for his afternoon nap, this is what I heard over the monitor. I will post it like it sounds, then go back and translate it for y'all! :-)

Go t'fweep, Go t'fweep, Go t'fweep my seet Giffin, Go t'fweep, Go t'fweep, Go t'fweep my Giffin

Translation: Go to sleep, Go to sleep, Go to sleep my sweet Griffin. Go to sleep, Go to sleep, Go to sleep my Griffin (sung to the tune of Lullaby)


Well, once again, my sweet Grayson has said/done some things that I HAVE to write down and record before I forget! Seriously, he has THE sweetest heart.....I am so blessed! Enjoy!

*Grayson had not been having a good morning one morning a couple of weeks ago. I was beyond frustrated when we finally got into the car to leave when he said, "Mom, I decided that I'm going to be good for the rest of the day." My reply was, "Well, that's good! What made you decide that?" Then he said, "Well, I was listening to God, and He told me in my heart to turn away from my sins." Well, ok then. :-)

*We were in the car one day when he said, "Mom, I know why you and Daddy named me Grayson." I asked why and his response was, "Because it has the word grace in it and you and Daddy show me a lot of grace." VERY true!

*Last week during his soccer game, Grayson had the ball and was well on his way to making a goal. All of a sudden he stopped so one of his team mates could catch up. Then, he passed her the ball so that she could make the goal.

*Tonight was a fun night filled with making brownies, playing the wii, and watching part of the Ranger's game. It was in Seattle, so the game was late. Grayson was sent to bed around 9:45. All was quiet until 11:45 when Grayson began to loudly call Dave to come in his room. After Dave got in there, Grayson said, "Dad, what's the Ranger's score?" So glad my 5 year old is losing sleep over the Texas Rangers. :-)