Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cabin Fever

Apparently, this is what happens when it snows 13 inches outside and you're basically stuck in your house for 2 days with a VERY active 19 month old.

New things

So this is a new thing that Griffin has started.....not really sure why other than the fact that he feels free. :-) He won't keep his clothes on--really it's just his pjs. I have actually read somewhere that it's a beginning sign of being ready for potty training, but this child has got to stop. Below are pictures that show his determination in getting his pjs off. It's quite entertaining.

Valentine's Fun

Last night, Dave and I were able to go out for Valentine's Day because of a precious friend who offered to come hang out with our kids so we could go out. SO, she made it into a Valentine's party for Grayson. She and another sweet friend made a cake for Grayson and Erica to enjoy during our night out. There was also a special treat she gave him and Griffin. I think they had a really fun night! When Grayson tasted the cake, his response was, "This is better than pop tarts!" Seriously, if you knew this kid, you would know that's one of the best compliments he can give! :-) Below is a picture of Grayson and Miss Erica with the cake that was better than pop tarts.

When it finally stopped.....

Here are some more pics of our snow! This is truly something I have NEVER seen in my lifetime. When all was said and done, it measured around 13 inches--the most snow that DFW has ever seen.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


FYI.....I recorded this video on my regular camera, so it's turned sideways. :-/ Sorry! I'm sure the grandparents won't mind though. :-) Remember, if you want to watch the video, you have to pause the music player on the side. ENJOY!!!!

Let it Snow!!!!

Well, it finally happened, and we were able to play in it! It snowed! We were out of town when it snowed on Christmas, and the last time we were here and it snowed, it melted before we got done with breakfast. Dave's work was canceled, and I called in because let's just face it.....I'm from Alabama, and there's no way I could have driven to work without wrecking. So, we took the opportunity to go outside and let the boys play in it for a little bit! They loved it! Grayson just had a huge smile on his face the whole time, and Griffin kept falling everywhere. Griffin didn't care though. He thought it was funny. Anyway, there was fun had by all. Enjoy the pictures, and I'm going to add a video to another post mainly for the Grandparents, but if you want to watch that's fine too. :-)