Monday, March 15, 2010

Grayson's first soccer game

Saturday was Grayson's first soccer game ever.......funny thing is, it was Dave's first too! They don't keep score in his league for the young ones, but he scored 2 goals! I was one proud mommy! He loved it and can't wait until the next game. I said this was Dave's first soccer game because he's our coach! Seriously, he wins "Dad of the Year." He just wanted to assist, but it turns out they were short on coaches, so he took on the role of head coach. He did really well considering his basketball playing, baseball playing background. Below are pictures of the fun game!

Coach and Grayson before we left for the game

We arrived at the fields and he said, "Now, I'm a little nervous!"

The Coach :-)

practicing before the game

Pre-game pep talk


On his way to score goal #1

After goal #1

After goal #2

Thumbs up for a fun time playing soccer


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