Monday, October 18, 2010

Catch Up

To all of you people who are dying to read my blog.....I'm still alive! LOL!!! I don't even know where to start, but I'm just gonna bullet point the main points of our lives since my last post!

* Grayson graduated Pre-K. It was such a sweet little ceremony followed by a reception, and of course, Grayson got to choose where we ate for dinner.

* Dave and I celebrated birthdays! I turned the big 3-0 and he turned 37. We went to Alabama for a much needed visit with family.

* Griffin turned 2. He is such a firecracker--seriously, so stinkin' cute, but so frustrating at the same time. Somebody PLEASE tell me it's a phase! :-)

* We found out baby #3 is coming! There was a lot of sickness.....but, I'm finally on the mend. We find out what we're having on November 12th. I'm thinking pink thoughts. :-)

* Grayson started Kindergarten. It has been such a great experience for him so far! HE LOVES IT! I'm so grateful! I was a little worried because Grayson is SUPER smart and he pretty much knows all of the Kindergarten requirements. His teacher has been over-accomodating for him, so I'm thankful for her!

* Griffin and I started back to preschool.....we're just trucking along in that. Griffin actually has a REAL curriculum and is learning A LOT. He loves his teachers and they love him.

Well, those are the main highlights. Hopefully, I can update the blog a little more since I'm feeling pretty good now!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Griffinism at nap

Yesterday as I laid Griffin down for his afternoon nap, this is what I heard over the monitor. I will post it like it sounds, then go back and translate it for y'all! :-)

Go t'fweep, Go t'fweep, Go t'fweep my seet Giffin, Go t'fweep, Go t'fweep, Go t'fweep my Giffin

Translation: Go to sleep, Go to sleep, Go to sleep my sweet Griffin. Go to sleep, Go to sleep, Go to sleep my Griffin (sung to the tune of Lullaby)


Well, once again, my sweet Grayson has said/done some things that I HAVE to write down and record before I forget! Seriously, he has THE sweetest heart.....I am so blessed! Enjoy!

*Grayson had not been having a good morning one morning a couple of weeks ago. I was beyond frustrated when we finally got into the car to leave when he said, "Mom, I decided that I'm going to be good for the rest of the day." My reply was, "Well, that's good! What made you decide that?" Then he said, "Well, I was listening to God, and He told me in my heart to turn away from my sins." Well, ok then. :-)

*We were in the car one day when he said, "Mom, I know why you and Daddy named me Grayson." I asked why and his response was, "Because it has the word grace in it and you and Daddy show me a lot of grace." VERY true!

*Last week during his soccer game, Grayson had the ball and was well on his way to making a goal. All of a sudden he stopped so one of his team mates could catch up. Then, he passed her the ball so that she could make the goal.

*Tonight was a fun night filled with making brownies, playing the wii, and watching part of the Ranger's game. It was in Seattle, so the game was late. Grayson was sent to bed around 9:45. All was quiet until 11:45 when Grayson began to loudly call Dave to come in his room. After Dave got in there, Grayson said, "Dad, what's the Ranger's score?" So glad my 5 year old is losing sleep over the Texas Rangers. :-)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Graysonisms and maybe the first Griffinism of many to come!

Graysonisms first.....

1. In our Thursday night worship service at church, we were reading verses on the screen. Basically, I was trying to whisper a kid friendly version into Grayson's ear while it was being read. While explaining the Last Supper to Grayson, I said something about Jesus holding up a cup of juice. He quickly stopped me and informed me it was wine.

2. Right before we partook in the Lord's Supper, Grayson whispered to me, "Mom, do you think I would like that bread and wine over there? I'm getting kind of hungry."

3. Last Thursday, Grayson had an Easter egg hunt at his preschool. It was pretty windy, so I got him a light jacket from his closet and encouraged him to wear it during the egg hunt. His teacher, not recognizing the jacket, complimented him by saying she loved it. His response was, "It's a special jacket. It breaks wind." Yes, I had told him it was a windbreaker. LOL!

4. This morning before school Grayson asked me how God was born. I don't think he ever quite understood.....not sure I understand it all either!

And now for a Griffinism.....believe me, this is a funny kid, so I can't wait what these will be!

1. Griffin thinks every body of water is a water bottle. So, every time we pass one, his response very loudly is, "WALLA BALLA!"

2. Today I had put Griffin in his crib when we got home from school to see if he would rest some more. He didn't fall asleep, however, he was happy. I decided to leave him and turned up the monitor to listen to what he was doing. It was so sweet! He was counting to ten over and over and then he would go, "Yay Giffin!" (That's how he says his name!) So precious!

I know some of you might not think all of this is as great as I do, but I need to record it somehow so I will never forget these funny, precious moments with my boys!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

We started our Easter celebration on Thursday night with a service at our church, including the Lord's Supper. We took Grayson into this service to use the opportunity to teach him different things about the events leading up to Easter. He was awesome during the service, but said several funny things, which I will share in another post of Graysonisms. On Saturday night, we dyed easter eggs, and Sunday morning Grayson and Griffin looked forward to opening Easter goodies from Mom and Dad. (YES.....Mom and Dad. We DON'T do Santa, nor the Easter Bunny. You may disagree, but we have our reasons, i.e. Jesus is why we celebrate Christmas and Easter, not Santa and the Easter Bunny. Don't worry. We make it very clear that there are people who do, and that it doesn't mean that they are horrible people.) We went to church, had an awesome Easter service, and later went over to our friends' house for a late Easter lunch. Below are a few pics of the boys' Easter goodies and before church.

Grayson with his Easter basket

Griffin with some of his Easter goodies

My sweet boys

Sweet Gray.....he is so precious to me.

This kid melts my heart.....look at his eyes!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Grayson's first soccer game

Saturday was Grayson's first soccer game ever.......funny thing is, it was Dave's first too! They don't keep score in his league for the young ones, but he scored 2 goals! I was one proud mommy! He loved it and can't wait until the next game. I said this was Dave's first soccer game because he's our coach! Seriously, he wins "Dad of the Year." He just wanted to assist, but it turns out they were short on coaches, so he took on the role of head coach. He did really well considering his basketball playing, baseball playing background. Below are pictures of the fun game!

Coach and Grayson before we left for the game

We arrived at the fields and he said, "Now, I'm a little nervous!"

The Coach :-)

practicing before the game

Pre-game pep talk


On his way to score goal #1

After goal #1

After goal #2

Thumbs up for a fun time playing soccer


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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cabin Fever

Apparently, this is what happens when it snows 13 inches outside and you're basically stuck in your house for 2 days with a VERY active 19 month old.

New things

So this is a new thing that Griffin has started.....not really sure why other than the fact that he feels free. :-) He won't keep his clothes on--really it's just his pjs. I have actually read somewhere that it's a beginning sign of being ready for potty training, but this child has got to stop. Below are pictures that show his determination in getting his pjs off. It's quite entertaining.

Valentine's Fun

Last night, Dave and I were able to go out for Valentine's Day because of a precious friend who offered to come hang out with our kids so we could go out. SO, she made it into a Valentine's party for Grayson. She and another sweet friend made a cake for Grayson and Erica to enjoy during our night out. There was also a special treat she gave him and Griffin. I think they had a really fun night! When Grayson tasted the cake, his response was, "This is better than pop tarts!" Seriously, if you knew this kid, you would know that's one of the best compliments he can give! :-) Below is a picture of Grayson and Miss Erica with the cake that was better than pop tarts.

When it finally stopped.....

Here are some more pics of our snow! This is truly something I have NEVER seen in my lifetime. When all was said and done, it measured around 13 inches--the most snow that DFW has ever seen.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


FYI.....I recorded this video on my regular camera, so it's turned sideways. :-/ Sorry! I'm sure the grandparents won't mind though. :-) Remember, if you want to watch the video, you have to pause the music player on the side. ENJOY!!!!

Let it Snow!!!!

Well, it finally happened, and we were able to play in it! It snowed! We were out of town when it snowed on Christmas, and the last time we were here and it snowed, it melted before we got done with breakfast. Dave's work was canceled, and I called in because let's just face it.....I'm from Alabama, and there's no way I could have driven to work without wrecking. So, we took the opportunity to go outside and let the boys play in it for a little bit! They loved it! Grayson just had a huge smile on his face the whole time, and Griffin kept falling everywhere. Griffin didn't care though. He thought it was funny. Anyway, there was fun had by all. Enjoy the pictures, and I'm going to add a video to another post mainly for the Grandparents, but if you want to watch that's fine too. :-)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Long time, no blog

Well....this blog will probably cover a whole bunch of things considering it's been a while since I last posted!

1. First of all, in regards to my last post, I'm not pregnant. Seriously, I'm okay with that. It doesn't mean that Grayson was wrong in thinking that it might happen. Maybe it will be next Christmas. Who knows? :-)

2. Dave graduated! WOO HOO!!!! And before you go asking far there have been no offers to move back to the Southeast yet (hint, hint) :-) so we'll be staying in Texas until God opens another door. Ultimately, we would love to be closer to home, but we are very content with what we have here in Texas until then.

3. After Dave graduated, we went on a fabulous 3 day trip to Nashville without kids. That was our first time to be away from them at the same time. We stayed in the Opryland Hotel, went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, ICE, and did lots of shopping. To say the least, it was a much needed trip.

4. We went to Alabama for Christmas. It never is long enough. Our families are SO big!!! It's next to impossible to have a free moment going from house to house to see our aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. I REALLY miss my Alabama friends, but it's always so hard to do all that traveling, especially with kids. One of these days, we will MAKE time!

5. We began a new year. We are so excited to see what this year is going to bring. The first 17 days have been great!

Pictures will come later, but until then, bye bloggy friends!