Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

We started our Easter celebration on Thursday night with a service at our church, including the Lord's Supper. We took Grayson into this service to use the opportunity to teach him different things about the events leading up to Easter. He was awesome during the service, but said several funny things, which I will share in another post of Graysonisms. On Saturday night, we dyed easter eggs, and Sunday morning Grayson and Griffin looked forward to opening Easter goodies from Mom and Dad. (YES.....Mom and Dad. We DON'T do Santa, nor the Easter Bunny. You may disagree, but we have our reasons, i.e. Jesus is why we celebrate Christmas and Easter, not Santa and the Easter Bunny. Don't worry. We make it very clear that there are people who do, and that it doesn't mean that they are horrible people.) We went to church, had an awesome Easter service, and later went over to our friends' house for a late Easter lunch. Below are a few pics of the boys' Easter goodies and before church.

Grayson with his Easter basket

Griffin with some of his Easter goodies

My sweet boys

Sweet Gray.....he is so precious to me.

This kid melts my heart.....look at his eyes!