Thursday, August 6, 2009

Griffin's first haircut and a Graysonism to close out the day

Today, I took Griffin to get his first haircut EVER!!! It was a big step for me. With the helmet, he had the cutest curls that came out of the side of it, but I figured since he didn't have the helmet anymore that he should get a little cut. So, today was the day, and I specifically took him to one of those special kids cutting places because I knew that he would be a squirmy worm and probably cry through it. Well, did he ever make a liar out of me! That little guy sat there so still and quiet. He loved every minute of it! He also got to sit in a fire engine and watch The Wiggles while it was happening, so that probably helped. Below are some pics of before, during, and after. AND......stay tuned to the Graysonism that we closed our day out with at the end of this post.

Now for today's Graysonism.....

After dinner tonight, we were in mine and Dave's bedroom just hanging out. Grayson wanted so badly to play tic-tac-toe with Dave on Dave's phone. Grayson takes the phone, and the conversation goes something like this:

Grayson: This is so fun. I am so blessed with all of y'all!
Dave: Awww....that's nice. Grayson, what does it mean to say that you are blessed?
Grayson: It means you're not gonna get arrested.

??????????? who knows


Kara Clayton said...

I can't believe the sweet little curls are gone!!! I'll miss them for sure but he looks adorable as a 'big boy'! So glad to hear Grayson is not going to get arrested any time soon! :-)

Scott and Jenn said...

They did such a good job! What a cutie!